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Policy Statement

Dunton Community Garden Group (DCGG) aims to secure the attendance of all employees according to their contract of employment and attaches great importance to efficiency, punctuality and commitment among its staff.


Absence policy

Absence is defined as any time away from the normal place of work, and includes annual holidays, statutory holidays, sickness absence (either covered by a medical certificate or self-certification form), training courses, jury service and compassionate leave.


DCGG will not accept any unauthorised absence - that is, time away from work - without permission or without a reason acceptable to the Group.


Sickness absence policy

DCGG recognises that a certain level of sickness absence will occur and it is its policy to offer security of employment during such periods, subject to operational requirements. This in no way affects DCGG’s right to dismiss on the grounds of ill-health or for any other reason.


Scope of policy

All employees.


Purpose of this policy

It is the aim of DCGG to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities for requesting and reporting absences.


Elements of the policy

Annual Holidays: Each employee has their holiday entitlement set out in their contract of employment.

Statutory Holidays: Frequently, important garden events occur on statutory holidays. Time off in-lieu is given for staff expected to work on these days.

Sickness Absence: All sickness absence must be covered by a medical certificate or a self-certification form.

Training Courses: Identification of training requirements should come from the employee review meetings or through new initiatives endorsed by the trustees.

Jury Service: Should staff be asked to do Jury Service, DCGG will not request this to be deferred.

Compassionate Leave: Reasonable compassionate leave will be granted in cases of death for close family members.

Family Leave: Reasonable family leave will be granted where the employee is responsible for dependant adults or children. Family leave is for a sudden and unexpected event where an employee needs to leave work immediately or can’t come in because of a sudden emergency. It is not to be used for events known about in advance e.g. planned operation for a family member – these should be discussed with the Garden Co-ordinator.

Other absence: Any other absence must be requested through or explained to the Garden Co-ordinator




Annual Holidays: Requests for holidays must be made to the Garden Co-ordinator or chair. It is the employee’s responsibility to check their remaining entitlement before submitting a request. Employees should consult with volunteers and other staff to ensure their absence can be accommodated.

Statutory Holidays: Employees should check the events diary and inform the Garden Co-ordinator or chair if absence is necessary.

Sickness Absence:

1 A self-certification form for absences of seven working days or less must be completed immediately on return to work for full and half day absences. On returning to work, all employees will be interviewed by their line manager, personally or by telephone, to discuss the absence. The provision of false information on a self-certification form will be regarded as serious misconduct and will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure.

2 A medical certificate must be issued by a medical practitioner for absences of more than seven working days

All other absences must be made to the Garden Co-ordinator or chair.




The policy will be reviewed annually.


Absence records:

The garden co-ordinator is responsible for reviewing holiday and sickness absence records to ensure they are in line with both contracts of employment and this policy.

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