Get involved with Dunton Garden

1. Membership

Dunton Community Garden relies on people who demonstrate their support for the garden by joining as members. Having a committed group of members who pay an annual fee and receive information about our activities and events makes us stronger in a challenging world for small charities. The income from fees gives us a reliable income that goes towards essential, recurring costs such as insurance, IT and property maintenance, boosting our financial security. Our membership fees are very low to encourage membership:

  • Individual - £8

  • Families - £12

  • Concession - £4  e.g. pensioners, students, unemployed or those with disabilities


We can’t offer you any perks as members I’m afraid, except the warm glow of knowing that you are helping to keep our lovely garden going.


2. Volunteer

We always need more volunteers, for gardening, for harvesting our fruit and veg and helping with admin tasks and at events, plus much more. If you have any of these skills, you will be very welcome. If you want to do gardening but lack experience you can learn with us, alongside experienced gardeners. Dunton Garden is entirely run by volunteers and we are very welcoming and supportive.


Volunteering in a community garden is different to doing your own garden. Working alongside others can be very rewarding as you share the challenges and a sense of achievement. There is always the choice between working with others on the same task, e.g. potting up small plants, or working alone on a plot in a quietly companiable way with others working in other parts of the garden. In Dunton Garden there is also scope to follow up your own interests and ideas because there are so many different areas and different sorts of gardening.


Volunteer gardening sessions are MONDAY and WEDNESDAY mornings but some experienced volunteers do gardening or other tasks at different times in the week.

3. Come to our events and activities

We run events that are open to everybody, bringing people together in the garden, such as coffee mornings, plants or produce sales or seasonal events such as Halloween.


Normally we would produce a programme of events and activities early in the year, copies of which can be seen displayed in the garden and on the website, but sometimes we have to make changes as the year progresses.

4. Visit the garden

The garden is open to the public all day, every day, so you can choose to spend time in the garden alone or with others. There are a number of areas that are more secluded and tranquil such as the Quiet Garden and the Spring Garden and others that burst into life at different times of the year such as our espalier apple trees that put on a magnificent show of blossom that drapes from tree to tree, like ornate decorations, in the spring and then, in late summer, they are weighed down by lots of apples of every colour and size.


Children will enjoy the freedom to explore the different areas and make discoveries of their own through close contact with a wide range of different sorts of plants and a multitude of encounters with wildlife.


Dogs are welcome at the garden but they must be kept on a lead and you must clean up after them and take the used poo bag home with you.  They must also have very good manners!!